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Database of languages

Database of languages
Initial release:
Current release:
Written in: SQL (UTF-8)
Size: 9251 bytes
Available in: English, Icelandic, Spanish
Licence: Database: ODbL
Database contents: DbCL
Documentation: CC BY 4.0

The database of languages resource provides language codes.



The iso_639_1 table contains all codes of languages considered by the ISO 639-1 standard. The language names can be added to the table separately by executing the respective SQL scripts included in the resource.

Table columns
Name Type Content Reference
code char(2) ISO 693-1 alpha 2 code.
language_family tinyint(3) language_families.identifier


The language_families table contains the language families of the languages considered by the ISO 639-1 standard.

Table columns
Name Type Content Reference
identifier tinyint(3) Unique row identifier.
language_family varchar(19) Language family description.

Directory contents

Directory listing
  • Database of countries directory
    • Data directory
      • iso_639_1 file
      • iso_639_1_eng file
      • iso_639_1_isl file
      • iso_639_1_spa file
      • language_families file
      • languages file
    • Testing directory
      • language_families.sql file

Data (directory)

The Data directory contains all SQL scripts that create and modify the databases.

iso_639_1.sql (file)

The iso_639_1.sql file contains the iso_639_1 table.

language_families.sql (file)

The language_families.sql file contains the language_families table.

languages.sql (file)

The languages.sql file creates the languages database.

Testing (directory)

The Testing directory contains files used for testing the solution during development.


The database of languages resource by eMedia Intellect is licensed under Open Database License. Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under Database Contents License.