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Icelandic translation of IETester

Icelandic translation of IETester
Translator: Stefán Örvar Sigmundsson
Initial translation: (0.5.4)
Current translation: (0.5.4)
Written in: Plain text (UTF-16LE, BOM)
Size: 3300 bytes
Translation status: Completed
Licence: CC BY 4.0

The Icelandic translation of IETester, the Internet Explorer compatibility checker by Core Services, corresponds to the 0.5.4 version. Development of the software was discontinued soon after the translation was provided. The translation was made available for download on the languages web page of IETester but it was never included in its installer.

Directory contents

Directory listing
  • Icelandic translation of IETester directory
    • Icelandic.lang file

The resource's root directory contains the Icelandic.lang file.

Translation file structure

At the beginning of the Icelandic.lang file is a comment header.

The encoding of the resource.
The copyright licence of the resource.
Licence right
The type of the licence of the resource.
Licence uri
The URI to the licence of the resource.
The date of publication of the resource.
The organisation publishing the resource.
Source language
The source language (ISO 639-1).
Target language
The target language (ISO 639-1).
The title of the resource.
The translator of the resource.
The URI to IETester.

The file is divided into the following 23 sections:

  • Window: Title bar
    • Menu: Ribbon button
    • Menu: Search combo box
    • Menu: Style drop-down list
    • Tab: Home
      • Group: Navigate
      • Group: New
      • Group: Favorites
    • Tab: Dev Tools
      • Group: DebugBar
      • Group: IE
      • Group: Disable Features
    • Tab: View
      • Group: Documents View
    • Tab: Options
      • Group: Print
      • Group: Internet Explorer Options
      • Group: IETester Options
        • Window: IETester Options
        • Window: About
    • Tab: Minimize Ribbon
    • Menu: Status bar
    • Windows: Notifications


Icelandic translation of IETester by eMedia Intellect is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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