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Icelandic translation of WinSCP

Icelandic translation of WinSCP
Translator: Stefán Örvar Sigmundsson
Initial translation: (5.7.6)
Current translation: (5.16.2 RC)
Written in: INI (UTF-8)
Size: 477408 bytes
Translation status: Active
Licence: GNU GPLv3

The Icelandic translation of WinSCP, the free and open-source file manager by Martin Přikryl, was first provided for the 5.7.6 version and currently corresponds to the 5.16.2 RC version.

eMI has helped correct typographical and grammatical errors in the software messages and reported bugs to the project maintainer (#490, #1375, #1559, #1595).

Directory contents

Directory listing
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    • gpl-3.0.txt file
    • is.ini file
    • file

is.ini file

The is.ini file contains the plain text translation and is a typical INI file. A translator utility provided by the WinSCP project is used to produce the binary language file. The is.ini file is divided into 48 sections:

Translation overview
# Scope Description Messages Translation status
1 About.dfm About application dialog 6 Complete
2 Authenticate.dfm Authentication dialog 11 Complete
3 Cleanup.dfm Cleanup application data dialog 8 Complete
4 Console.dfm Console dialog 10 Complete
5 Copy.dfm Copy confirmation dialog 8 Complete
6 CopyParamCustom.dfm Custom transfer settings dialog (e.g. used from synchronisation dialog) 4 Complete
7 CopyParamPreset.dfm Transfer settings preset dialog 12 Complete
8 CopyParams.dfm Copy parameters frame (used by CopyParamCustom and CopyParamPreset dialogs) 31 Complete
9 CreateDirectory.dfm Create directory dialog 8 Complete
10 Custom.dfm Custom dialog 3 Complete
11 CustomCommand.dfm Add/edit custom command dialog 14 Complete
12 CustomScpExplorer.dfm Common ancestor of NC and Explorer interface 8 Complete
13 EditMask.dfm Edit mask dialog 14 Complete
14 Editor.dfm Editor dialog 38 Complete
15 EditorPreferences.dfm Editor configuration dialog 15 Complete
16 FileFind.dfm Find file dialog 17 Complete
17 FileSystemInfo.dfm Server/protocol information dialog 23 Complete
18 FullSynchronize.dfm Synchronize dialog 29 Complete
19 GenerateUrl.dfm Generate URL dialog 19 Complete
20 ImportSessions.dfm Import sessions dialog 6 Complete
21 License.dfm License dialog 2 Complete
22 LocationProfiles.dfm Location profiles dialog 23 Complete
23 Login.dfm Login dialog 67 Complete
24 NonVisual.dfm Menus and functions container 564 Complete
25 OpenDirectory.dfm Open directory dialog 17 Complete
26 Preferences.dfm Preferences dialog 297 Complete
27 Progress.dfm Operation progress window 16 Complete
28 Properties.dfm File properties dialog 19 Complete
29 RemoteTransfer.dfm Transfer remote file to remote directory dialog 6 Complete
30 Rights.dfm Rights/permissions frame 19 Complete
31 ScpCommander.dfm Norton Commander interface window 78 Complete
32 ScpExplorer.dfm Explorer-like interface window 50 Complete
33 SelectMask.dfm Select mask dialog 10 Complete
34 SiteAdvanced.dfm Advanced Site Settings dialog 198 Complete
35 Symlink.dfm Add/edit link dialog 6 Complete
36 Synchronize.dfm 'Keep remote directory up to date' dialog 23 Complete
37 SynchronizeChecklist.dfm Synchronization checklist dialog 32 Complete
38 SynchronizeProgress.dfm Synchronization progress window 7 Complete
39 TextsFileZilla.rc FileZilla (FTP) library strings 42 Complete
40 TextsCore1.rc Core library (SSH, SCP, SFTP, FTP, WebDAV) strings 447 Complete
41 TextsCore2.rc Core library (SSH, SCP, SFTP, FTP, WebDAV) very long strings 3 Complete
42 TextsWin1.rc User interface strings 596 Complete
43 Propagation.rc WinSCP propagation strings (for use in Windows Store and other download sites) 51 Complete
44 WinSCP_DRC.rc Delphi resource strings 57 Complete
45 default.isl Common setup strings 241 Complete
46 winscp.isl WinSCP-specific setup strings 51 Complete
47 Extensions.rc Official WinSCP extensions strings 61 Complete
3,267 Complete file

The file is binary language file output of the translator utility provided by the WinSCP project.


Icelandic translation of WinSCP by eMedia Intellect is licensed under GNU General Public License version 3.