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eMI C stdbool Library

eMI C stdbool Library
Developer: eMedia Intellect
Initial release:
Stable release: Unversioned ()
Written in: C (ASCII)
Operating system: Microsoft Windows
Size: 13259 bytes
Development status: Completed
Available in: English
Type: Standard library substitute
Licence: GNU GPLv3

eMI C stdbool Library is a C standard library substitute for the stdbool header intended for software development on the Microsoft Windows operating system.


Directory index
  • eMI C stdbool Library directory
    • gpl-3.0.txt file
    • stdbool.h file

The ISO/IEC 9899:1999 (C99) standard defines the boolean type and associated macros but the C run-time library provided by Microsoft did not include the stdbool header until the release of Visual Studio 2013. The purpose of the solution is to provide the stdbool header to those software developers on Windows who may still be using older C run-time libraries.


eMI C stdbool Library by eMedia Intellect is licensed under GNU General Public License version 3.
GNU General Public License