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eMI FileUpload Library

eMI FileUpload Library
Developer: eMedia Intellect
Initial release:
Stable release: 1.2 ()
Written in: PHP (UTF-8)
Operating system: Cross-platform
Size: 54315 bytes
Development status: Active
Available in: English
Type: File upload library
Licence: GNU GPLv3

eMI FileUpload Library is a simple cross-platform object-oriented PHP library intended to handle uploaded files. The library is essentially a wrapper around the cumbersome superglobal variable $_FILES. The superglobal is never modified by the library and retains its values until the script terminates.


With this solution handling uploaded files can be as simple as:

$Upload = new Emi\FileUpload\Upload($_FILES['formFiles']); // Upload object created.

$Upload->Move('/var/tmp/php/Uploads'); // All uploaded files are moved.

The solutions offers extensive error mitigation – exception handling – in an object oriented manner.

Directory contents

Directory index
  • eMI-FileUpload-Library directory
    • Library directory
      • Exceptions directory
        • InvalidErrorCodeException.php file
        • NoFilesUploadedException.php file
        • NoTemporaryDirectoryException.php file
        • UnknownErrorCodeException.php file
      • File.php file
      • inclusion.php file
      • Upload.php file
    • Testing directory
    • composer.json file
    • gpl-3.0.txt file

Library directory

The Library directory contains the PHP library.

Testing directory

The Testing directory contains files used for testing the solution during development.



eMI FileUpload Library by eMedia Intellect is licensed under GNU General Public License version 3.
GNU General Public License