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eMI Reset Style Sheet

eMI Reset Style Sheet
Developer: eMedia Intellect
Initial release:
Stable release: Unversioned ()
Written in: CSS (UTF-8)
Operating system: Cross-platform
Size: 17237 bytes
Development status: Active
Available in: English
Type: Reset style sheet
Licence: GNU GPLv3

eMI Reset Style Sheet is a CSS style sheet developed to standardise (i.e. reset) the default appearance of HTML elements and attributes across all browsers and devices. The solution is under continuous development but is unversioned.


The default box model (box-sizing) of CSS is content-box. This is unfortunate as it makes height and width calculation difficult. The solution sets all HTML elements to the border-box box model via the universal selector.

All HTML 5 elements (aside from br and wbr) are given a basic style by the solution. Properties of most elements are either set to inherit (e.g. color and font) or to 0 (e.g. border, margin, outline and padding). The display property of each element is set appropriately to ensure that older devices display them correctly. Elements with the display property set up block are given 10 pixel top and bottom margins.

The appearance of unstyled HTML tables has traditionally not be considered desirable. The solution defaults to an appearance similar to that of the Wikimedia Foundation (i.e. wikitable). HTML form elements vary significantly in appearance across mainstream browsers and so the solutions gives them a subtle but uniform and unintrusive style.

Devices with small screen sizes (e.g. mobile phones) often render web pages as if their screen size were larger. Users of such devices then pan and zoom in order to view all areas (i.e. all content) of pages. The solution makes devices display pages within their screen size area so no content ends up outside it unless explicitly put there. This solution allows for responsive web design (RWD) as the web designer can predict the behaviour of the device renderer. Devices that neither support the @viewport CSS at-rule nor the viewport value in the name attribute of the meta element may behave in an unpredictable manner.

Directory contents

Directory index
  • eMI-Reset-Style-Sheet directory
    • gpl-3.0.txt file
    • reset.css file
    • reset-minified.css file

reset.css file

The reset.css file is the original style sheet.

The file is divided into the following 22 sections:

  • 1. The universal selector
  • 2. Elements
    • 2.1. The root element
    • 2.2. Document metadata
    • 2.3. Sections
    • 2.4. Grouping content
    • 2.5. Text-level semantics
    • 2.6. Edits
    • 2.7. Embedded content
    • 2.8. Tabular data
    • 2.9. Forms
    • 2.10. Interactive elements
    • 2.11. Scripting
  • 3. Miscellaneous selectors
    • 3.1. Abbreviations
    • 3.2. Forms
    • 3.3. Hyperlinks
    • 3.4. Lists
    • 3.5. Preformatted text
    • 3.6. Quotations
    • 3.7. Tables
  • 4. Miscellaneous attributes

reset-minified.css file

The reset-minified.css file is the minified version of the style sheet. The minification was achieved using the Refresh-SF tool.



eMI Reset Style Sheet by eMedia Intellect is licensed under GNU General Public License version 3.
GNU General Public License