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eMI User Controls Library

eMI User Controls Library
Developer: eMedia Intellect
Initial release:
Stable release: ()
Written in: C#, XAML (UTF-8, BOM)
Operating system: Microsoft Windows (.NET Framework)
Size: 73013 bytes
Development status: Active
Available in: English, Icelandic, Spanish
Type: User controls library
Licence: GNU GPLv3

eMI User Controls Library is a library for the .NET Framework that provides a closeable tab item for the tab control of the Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) and a file system browser window with a file saving mode.


Closeable tab item

The closeable tab item is treated like a regular tab item:

A demonstration of a tab control with closeable tab items.

The title and closeability state can be changed dynamically.

File system browser window

The file system browser window is a modal window that can be used to select directories and files:

A demonstration of the file system browser window file selection.

Files can be filtered in/out by their file name extensions. It can also require that the user select a specific number or range of directories and/or files.

The file system browser window can be used to save files:

A demonstration of the file system browser window file saving. A demonstration of the file system browser window file saving with encoding.

The user selects the name, type and location of the file to be saved. Additionally, the user can be provided with an option to select the encoding of the file.

Directory contents

Directory index
  • eMI User Controls Library directory
    • CloseableTabItem directory
      • Emi.UserControls.CloseableTabItem.dll file
    • FileSystemBrowserWindow directory
      • Emi.UserControls.FileSystemBrowserWindow.dll file
    • gpl-3.0.txt file

CloseableTabItem directory

The CloseableTabItem directory contains the CloseableTabItem library and satellite assemblies.

FileSystemBrowserWindow directory

The FileSystemBrowserWindow directory contains the FileSystemBrowserWindow library and satellite assemblies.


  • Flag of Iceland Stefán Örvar Sigmundsson, lead programmer
  • Flag of Belgium Ben Beckers, programmer
  • Flag of Pakistan Muhammad Usman Haider, programmer
  • Flag of Russia Oleg Rakhmatulin, programmer
  • Flag of Russia Roman Kalachik, programmer
  • Flag of India Yogesh Sharma, programmer


eMI User Controls Library by eMedia Intellect is licensed under GNU General Public License version 3.
GNU General Public License