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eMI User Controls Library

eMI User Controls Library
Developer: eMedia Intellect
Initial release:
Stable release: ()
Written in: C#, XAML (UTF-8, BOM)
Operating system: Microsoft Windows (.NET Framework)
Size: 69635 bytes
Development status: Active
Available in: English, Icelandic, Spanish
Type: User controls library
Licence: GNU GPLv3

eMI User Controls Library is a library for the .NET Framework that provides a closeable tab item for the tab control of the Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) and a file system browser window.


Closeable tab item

The closeable tab item is treated like a regular tab item:

A demonstration of a tab control with closeable tab items.

The title and closeability state can be changed dynamically.

File system browser window

The file system browser window is a modal window that can be used to select directories and files:

A demonstration of the file system browser window.

The FileSystemBrowserWindow can filter files in/out by their file name extensions. It can also require that the user select a specific number or range of directories and/or files.

Directory contents

Directory index
  • eMI User Controls Library directory
    • CloseableTabItem directory
      • Emi.UserControls.CloseableTabItem.dll file
    • FileSystemBrowserWindow directory
      • Emi.UserControls.FileSystemBrowserWindow.dll file
    • gpl-3.0.txt file

CloseableTabItem directory

The CloseableTabItem directory contains the CloseableTabItem library and satellite assemblies.

FileSystemBrowserWindow directory

The FileSystemBrowserWindow directory contains the FileSystemBrowserWindow library and satellite assemblies.


  • Flag of Iceland Stefán Örvar Sigmundsson, lead programmer
  • Flag of Belgium Ben Beckers, programmer
  • Flag of Pakistan Muhammad Usman Haider, programmer
  • Flag of Russia Oleg Rakhmatulin, programmer
  • Flag of Russia Roman Kalachik, programmer
  • Flag of India Yogesh Sharma, programmer


eMI User Controls Library by eMedia Intellect is licensed under GNU General Public License version 3.
GNU General Public License