The database table of currencies resource provides currency codes.



The iso_4217 table contains all codes (alphabetic and numeric) of countries and territories considered by the ISO 4217 standard.

Table columns
Name Type Content Reference
code char(2) ISO 4217 alphabetic code.
number char(3) ISO 4217 numeric code.
exponent tinyint(3) Subunit indicator.
country char(2) ISO 3166-1 alpha 2 code.

Directory contents

Data (directory)

The Data directory contains all SQL scripts that create and modify the database tables.

Creation (directory)

iso_4217.sql (file)

The iso_4217.sql file contains the iso_4217 table.

Modification (directory)

iso_3166_1.sql (file)

The iso_3166_1.sql file relates the country column of the iso_4217 table to the alpha_2_code column of the iso_3166_1 table which is provided by the database table of countries resource.

Documentation (directory)

The Documentation directory contains information about the database tables.

Testing (directory)

The Testing directory contains files used for testing the solution during development.


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