The library consists of a namespace called Emi.UserControls.


Class Description
CloseableTabItem Represents a closeable and selectable item inside a TabControl class.
BrowserSettings Provides settings for the FileSystemBrowserWindow class.
FileFilter Provides a file filter for the FileSystemBrowserWindow class.
FileSystemBrowserWindow Provides a file system browser window.
FileTypeComboBoxItem Provides a file type combo box item for the BrowserSettings.DefaultFileType and BrowserSettings.SupportedFileTypes properties.
MinimumGreaterThanMaximumException The exception that is thrown when the minimum number of required directories/files is greater than the maximum number of possible directories/files as specified by an instance of the BrowserSettings class.


Enumeration Description
BrowsingMode The type of browsing to perform by the FileSystemBrowserWindow class.
ByteMultiple The byte multiple of the FileSystemBrowserWindow class.
FilteringMode The mode of filtering to perform on files by the FileSystemBrowserWindow class.